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Malaysian vendor of 30 years proud of the fruits of his labour

For over 30 years, Gustiar Ariffin has been doing what he loves best in Puchong, Selangor, which is making customers happy by selling a variety of local fruits at reasonable prices.

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The culinary legacy of the Kampong China Peranakans

The Peranakans in the riverside village of Kampong China in Terengganu have a long history and many cultural practices, including a culinary culture that includes delicious food like chap chai and keh char yiam.

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Appy meals: Malaysians are eating at home thanks to food deliveries

Malaysians finally eating at home – not because they're cooking but because they're turning to the convenience of food delivery services on their mobile apps.

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Preserving Malaysia's unique Peranakan culture for world heritage status

Dr Eric Olmedo is spearheading a long-term effort, alongside others like David Neo, to get Peranakan culture recognised on the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


Unique culinary culture of the Peranakan Chinese of Malaysia

The Peranakan Chinese culinary identity was forged based on the Nyonyas, the matriarchs of the homes. The Nyonya women developed their well-rounded culinary skills and hone recipes that then became tightly-guarded family secrets.


Stopping illegal wildlife trade means engaging local communities

Engaging local communities in stopping the wildlife trade means providing them with alternate sources of income that does not depend on the jungles where they live.


Microplastic: 'We're consuming one credit card a week from various sources'

More and more seafood is consuming micro plastic, and that plastic travels up the food chain and is ending up inside human guts.


10 traditional Malaysian fruits you may not have heard of

Rare traditional Malaysian fruits like mentega, salak, setar, bacang, mundu and bidara are becoming increasingly hard to find, with some even in danger of extinction.