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Butterworth Fringe Festival set to ignite a carnival in mainland Penang

Butterworth Fringe Festival set to ignite a carnival atmosphere in mainland Penang.

SEA Games: Johnathan Wong Guanjie, the accidental shooter

Olympian Johnathan Wong was dragged along by his elder sister to join the shooting squad. He grew to love the sport.

We need to use electricity and water more responsibly

We need to use electricity and water more responsibly.

Sharks are worth more alive

A single live shark is worth US$815,000 to Sabah in terms of tourism revenue over its lifespan, compared with merely US$100 when killed for its fins.

White Rajah: Malaysia’s first Hollywood epic film

The story of James Brook the White Rajah is being made into a Hollywood film.

The English-language novels of Chinese Malaysians

Rather than culture, it is the places they came from and where they settled that influenced the work of Chinese Malaysian heritage novelists.

What you need to know about the new Tourism Tax in Malaysia

Malaysia’s tourism and hospitality stakeholders in the country weigh in on the Tourism Tax that will take effect from July 1.

Cutting off our water supply

An ancient forest supplies vital water to two states – so why are people cutting down its trees?

Wildlife expert offers tips on ecotourism

Renowned zoologist and founder of the Singapore Zoo Night Safari Bernard Harrison visits the Belum-Temengor rainforest for the first time.

Imagine flying non-stop from Perth to London!

Qantas plans to operate non-stop flights from Perth to London, the world's first regular passenger service linking Australia directly to Europe.