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Seeing your gynae

Gynaecologists today aren#8217;t just physicians #8211; they are also counsellors, educators and health partners #8211; who work hand in hand with women to keep their reproductive health in check. PATSY KAM reports.


When taekwando meets 'aikijujitsu'

Malaysians are getting a kick out of 'hapkido', a little-known martial art that combines Korean taekwondo and Japanese 'aikijujitsu'. Just the thing for women who want to pick up self-defence skill.


Legacy of Hokkien millionaire

IT IS almost impossible to stop a woman from shopping, especially when she is in a country where things are dirt-cheap. So it was it was no surprise when our tour guide in Xiamen, Zhuang Yei Hui, told me that we were behind schedule because of too much shopping.


Do the Islamic trail in China

Thinking of visiting China but having second thoughts because of the food? Fret no more, because the Fujian China Travel Service has launched a Muslim-themed package that will, among other things, give you an insight into its Islamic heritage, writes IZATUN SHARI.


Portrait of an artist and teacher

Budding artists, unlike tomorrow#8217;s scientists, are often left untended until someone like respected artist-art educator Choong Kam Kow comes along. He tells VERONICA SHUNMUGAM of the long path of learning and discovery he took to become an artist and teacher.


About the Malaysian Institute of Art

THE Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) was founded in 1967 as a non-profit making organisation. This means that profits are not put into the pockets of the president or directors but are instead chanelled towards the school's facilities and students' welfare, says MIA vice-president Choong Kam Kow.


Snapshots of change

Senior citizens in China have lots of tales to tell of the upheavals and revolutionary times they lived through and the prosperity they are now experiencing, reports MARTIN FACKLER.


For the people

A Malaysian crown prince has set up a trust fund expressly to help marginalised youths and deprived teenagers learn new skills, increase their confidence and become productive members of society. The Sultan of Selangor is scheduled to launch the foundation today, writes KEE HUA CHEE.


Torn from the family tree

Simon Tolkien, the grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien, has just written his first novel. Cut off from his #8216;literary inheritance#8217; by a family dispute, he talks to DAVID THOMAS of the pain this would have caused his loving grandfather.


Wider nature of autism

B>M/B>ENTION autism to parents, doctors and scientists these days, and among an earful of different theories will emerge a common nod of agreement: the perplexing condition is not nearly as rare as once was thought.