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New 'antisocial' law to combat mat rempit, mat lajak menace

JOHOR BARU: The Home Ministry is hoping to gazette an Antisocial Behaviour Act to curb the mat rempit (street racer) and mat lajak (stunt cyclist) menace.


Time to address the Mat Lajak problem

Give energetic teens other ways to challenge themselves like taking up sports.


Mat lajak nabbed, modified bicycles seized

PETALING JAYA: Four teenage mat lajak were getting ready to race in Sri Damansara but the authorities were one step ahead and brought their plans to an abrupt halt.


Cops seize modified bicycles in operation Sri Damansara

PETALING JAYA: Four modified bicycles were seized by the police during an operation in Sri Damansara on Sunday (Jan 21).


10 Mat Lajak boys detained in Kluang

KLUANG: Police detained 10 Mat Lajak boys for riding modified bicycles during an operation here on Friday.


Seven Mat Lajak boys to have day in court with parents

BALIK PULAU: Seven schoolboys performing stunts on their modified bicycles around Teluk Kumbar ended up at the police station.


Two mat lajak killed in crash, two others injured

PEKAN NENAS: Two mat lajak – illegal bicycle racing enthusiasts – were killed while two others were injured in an accident on Jalan Sawah Ulu Pulai here.


Bicycle gang menace growing larger

PETALING JAYA: The menace of Mat Lajak – youngsters who ride modified bicycles and perform stunts on public roads, posing a hazard to road users and endangering their own lives – is spreading across the country.


11 Mat Lajak rounded up in Kajang special ops

KAJANG: It’s the end of the road for a group of teenage Mat Lajak as police rounded them up in a special operation following complaints by residents in Taman Semenyih Mewah here.


Video of youngsters doing stunts on bicycles goes viral

BALIK PULAU: Three Mat Lajak (teenagers involved in illegal bicycle racing) performed dangerous “Super­man” stunts on their modified bicycles while negotiating a hilly and curvy road in Teluk Bahang.