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Do you get enough sleep but still feel tired?

Here are three questions to ask yourself if you always feel tired during the day, despite getting sufficient sleep the night before.

Eating Out

Lighter, healthier Italian meals at Via Pre KL

Via Pre KL serves up healthier Italian meals with reduced sugar, salt and oil like bruschetta, duck polpette, pasta and panna cotta.


Are you always fighting over the office temperature?

While each of us might have different preferences when it comes to the temperature in our office, research has found the best temperature range for optimal work productivity.


Meet the world’s smallest baby born weighing 241g

The world's smallest surviving premature baby, nicknamed Saybie by her medical team, gets to go home five months well after her birth.

Eating Out

A splendid spread of Malaysian Indian food at Kumar's

Kumar's offers authentic Malaysian Indian food with recipes dating back to 1969, like flower crab masala, fish head curry, fish puttu and bone marrow pepper masala.


10 landmark buildings that were destroyed, then rebuilt

From bombed cathedrals to historic opera houses that went up in flames, here are examples of landmark buildings that were destroyed and then rebuilt, as is planned for the Notre-Dame Cathedral.


Zero waste goals: No trash to be sent to landfills or incinerators

At this unusual market, you won't find single-use disposable plastic bags. Or even plastic bottles of shampoo because you're expected to bring your own glass bottle if you want to buy shampoo. Welcome to the zero waste lifestyle.


How to improve your metabolism after hitting 40

Your best bet to keeping your out-of-control metabolism in check doesn’t really involve a miracle cure, but practical lifestyle changes instead.