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10 things you think you know about STDs but maybe you don't

There are many myths about sexually transmitted diseases that people continue to believe in and new ones they may not know of.


Sugar substitute: Sweetness without the guilt

Stevia is a natural sweetener that can substitute sugar. It’s 300 times sweeter than sugar, it’s low in calories, and there’s a lower risk of cavities or gingivitis developing in your teeth.


Here's when your body burns the most calories

There is a specific time of the day when our bodies burn the most calories, not including the times when we exercise or do physical activity.


Are you a dark tourism enthusiast?

Dark tourism may not be favoured by many travellers but there is something strangely mesmerising about visiting sites and landmarks with a dark, controversial past.


Videos, installations, live worms feature in printmaking show at G13 Gallery

The Go Block series returns with a show at G13 Gallery in PJ, giving printmaking a broader edge with videos, installations, live worms and cockroaches.


Indonesian actress Sara Wijayanto sees dead people... for real

Indonesian actress Sara Wijayanto has the ability to see ghosts, which she uses to help people – not unlike the character she plays in the horror flick, Sabrina.


Taping: A magical fix for your injuries?

Many people believe that using a simple strip of elastic fabric, i.e. taping, can instantly help to resolve their injury woes.


Hong Kong research warns of sunscreen health risks

New research in Hong Kong has found that UV filters commonly used in sunscreen are polluting surrounding waters and could endanger human health, one of the city's leading universities said.


What to do when a snake bites you

A bite from a venomous snake can result in an array of symptoms, including localised pain and swelling, nausea, and even convulsions and paralysis.