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Beat the flu bug when you travel

It’s no fun getting sick when you’re travelling. Prevention is better than cure, and here's how to do that.


What actually happens when a snake bites you

The second article of this two-part series focuses on snake bites, their characteristics and types of toxins, and how they affect your body.


Datuk Mahadzir Lokman passes away in Sabah

TV personality Datuk Mahadzir Lokman dies. He is best known for his stint as a newscaster and host on TV3.


Why are my periods so irregular?

Many women experience irregularities in their menstruation. Sometimes, a change in lifestyle is all that is needed, but sometimes, a consult with the doctor is necessary.


Taiwanese actor Derek Chang donates liver to save dad’s life

Taiwanese actor Derek Chang maintains a clean diet and leads a healthy lifestyle after donating his liver to save his father's life.


Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza and baby discharged from hospital today

Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza gave birth to a baby girl on Monday and was put under observation at the hospital until today.


K-pop boy band Big Bang to go on hiatus as G-Dragon enlists in military

K-pop star G-Dragon will begin his mandatory military service on Feb 27. He will become the second of the five-member Big Bang to begin his military service.


Don't hold in that sneeze

Bad things can happen if you stifle a sneeze, like a man in Britain who had to get treatment at the ER after trying to hold back a forceful sneeze.


Strengthening Malaysia’s primary healthcare system

The Health Ministry is moving the emphasis back to primary healthcare in order to tackle the increasingly worrying problem of non-communicable diseases.


Heart and Soul: The beauty of life after cancer is worth fighting for

You can gain strength, courage and confidence with every experience in this journey as you face your fear. You must do the very thing which you think you cannot do. Remember, your illness does not define you; your strength and courage does.