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Techno gizmos

Numark, Stanton, Vestax, Tascam, Ecler. Stylus, cartridge, fader, deck. The world of DJ-ing introduces so many new names and terms that it may seem alien at times to the novice. Yet understanding what they stand for is critical to anyone seeking to know more about DJ-ing, especially if they want to turn professional at some point.


The human touch

When it comes to the digit with the widest range of motions, the thumb wins the title hands down.


Rule of the thumb

Let your fingers do thewalking?Not anymore intoday #8217;s age of digital devicesthat require deft thumbs to dothe typing,writes HOOI YOUCHING .


Graceful and gracious

When June Baharuddin decided to launch her new Galeri Tangsi in Kuala Lumpur, she chose the delicate and provocative subject of I>Vanity/I>. She roped in Italian/Brazilian artist and photographer Luiz Allegretti, whose forte is blending the classical with cutting edge. The star of the exhibition was a life-sized, black and white potrait of Sultanah Kalsom of Pahang.


Listen to your body!

Ladies call it the dreaded time-of-the-month mood swings, stomach cramps and lethargy. You can either moan about it, or get a grip and listen to your body. LEONG SIOK HUI explains.


Totally radical

The new Kawasaki ZX-6R is different; its design breaks away from the traditions of 600cc supersport styling. It is just totally radical in its race-bred sitting position too. BEN TAN reports.


All walks of life

THE main complaint about the survey on Malaysians in 3D by the Mindshare Group seems to be the fact that it is not all-encompassing and certain groups have inadvertently been left out.


Staying connected

HARDLY a day goes by without our being bombarded via television, radio and newspapers about all sorts of ways in which we can #8220;revolutionise our lives forever#8221; through the unique #8220;gift#8221; of digital technology and the modern-day art of communication.


Providing a platform for young filmmakers



Tara's themes

Tara Sosrowardoyo. It#8217;s not exactly a name that rings a bell with Malaysians but among professional photographers, it#8217;s a name that commands respect. And in some other circles, it#8217;s a name that says #8216;the PM#8217;s son-in-law#8217;. Tara, as he is called, is married to DatinPaduka Marina Mahathir but has, thus far, always preferred to stay out of the picture, so to speak. Now, an exhibition of hiswork being mounted in Kuala Lumpur has finally forced him out from behind the camera. He talks to MENG YEW CHOONG about his work and life with his famous relations.