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Colours of China

Good Samaritan consumed by greed

China’s Caring Mama began wanting to help orphans, but when the cash started flowing in she lost her way.

Colours of China

It’s never too late to chase your dream

From opening supermarkets to deep sea research missions, senior citizens in China are proving that age is no barrier in achieving what you want in life.

Colours of China

D is for divorce

HOW many tests and examinations must a person sit for throughout their life?

Colours of China

Observing Ramadan in Beijing

NEARLY 17 hours. This is how long Muslims in Beijing have to fast daily during this holy month of Ramadan.

Colours of China

Bringing life back to the Yangtze River

THE Yangtze River, known as Chang Jiang (long river) in Mandarin, is China’s longest river and third longest in the world.

Colours of China

Saving the Chinese sturgeon

The government has been taking measures to preserve this critically endangered species.

Colours of China

When a dear is too dear

In China, many marriages start on the wrong foot because of the dowry and extravagant weddings.

Colours of China

Food represents love for Teng

“WHERE there is water, there are the Chinese; where there are Chinese, there are Teresa Teng’s songs.” This is how people describe the popularity of the late singer, an all-time superstar from Taiwan.

Colours of China

When the wheels come off

THE bike-sharing business took China by storm when the service was introduced to this bicycle kingdom some two years ago.

Colours of China

Another dose of bad medicine

In China’s latest major health scare, a pharmaceutical firm was caught flouting standards for making rabies vaccines.