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Uphill challenge for bank staff at Bukit Broga

SEVENTY-two hikers and trail enthusiasts from the RHB Banking Group and Environment Department’s (DOE) public outreach programme kick-started their weekend by going up Bukit Broga in the inaugural RHB Broga Challenge last Saturday.


Broga New Village: A ‘precious’ place on state border

Broga New Village’s unique landmarks and natural attractions pulling in domestic tourists.


A ‘precious’ place on state border

Broga New Village’s unique landmarks, natural attractions are pulling in domestic tourists.


A hike through the rain and gaining valuable life lessons

When whining about being tired in the jungle as a young boy, the writer learnt the value of rain and valuable life lessons.


Record history of Tamil schools for publishing

THE history of Tamil schools in each state in the country should be studied and published, as has been done for the Selangor schools by retired former co-ordinator K. Murugan, Makkal Osai reported.


Recreation and varsity draw for new project

TYL LAND and Development Sdn Bhd is developing a modern mixed-development project in Semenyih called L’Marq as its maiden project.


Productive ways to spend long weekends

ONE OF the benefits of living in a multicultural country is the abundance of holidays throughout the year.


Forest spirits: Hikers and campers share their eerie tales

People who have camped or hiked in the jungle tell their stories of weird happenings and spirits they have encountered.


Company staff beautify Broga Hill

Engineering company Dyna Segmen Sdn Bhd held a hillside cleaning programme to clean garbage thrown by litterbugs. It was the first such activity held in Broga Hill, carried out by the company.


Cops aiming to be more energy efficient

SEMENYIH: The police are not just busting crime – they are cracking down on their electricity bills now.