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Notes on the new US President

Optimistically Cautious - By Errol Oh
The Olympics are over, but the big race is still far from the finish line.

Should Bursa go the Pokemon way?

It’s still a rough idea, but here’s how a global phenomenon can inspire our stock exchange.

One report, two versions

Optimistically Cautious - Errol Oh
Confusing developments at CLIQ Energy create a hazy picture.

A rare change of heart

BEING the fickle creatures that we are, we change our minds all the time. But when an audit opinion is withdrawn, that’s highly unusual. This is why there was much surprise when 1Malaysia Development Bhd and Deloitte Malaysia separately told the public on Tuesday that 1MDB’s audited accounts for 2013 and 2014 should no longer be relied upon.

Jenga and the corporate jungle

Building trust is hard work, but can companies do without it?

When WEF comes to town

Regional meeting trained the spotlight on Asean’s future

A speech to set the tone

Optimistically Cautious - By Errol Oh
What can we tell from new Bank Negara governor’s keynote address?

Sizing up the changes in auditors

IN the Audit Oversight Board’s scheme of things, an audit firm is either one of a few large players or it belongs with the rest.

The chairman conundrum

WHAT’S a reasonable amount of time for a listed company to go without a chairman of the board? Maybe a month or two? Or three months, tops? After all, isn’t it a key position that shouldn’t be left vacant for too long?

Regulation too needs transparency

Optimistically Cautious - By Errol Oh
The SC is right to open up on its regulatory philosophy and activities.