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Female driver blazes her way through Bario and Miri trunk roads

When Jessie Johnson set up a transporation company with her husband, she also took on the load of doing the Miri-Bario runs on perilous logging roads.


Famous couples at #HeForShe talk reveal their relationship strategies

Actress Kavita Sidhu and her husband Roberto Guiati, and blogger Audrey Ooi and her husband Timothy Tiah, hosted the #HeForShe forum at the Star Women’s Fiesta as they talked about what it takes to make a relationship work.

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'Tok Tok Mee' is one foodie's love letter to Penang

Author Gerald Tan enchants with Tok Tok Mee, a culinary memoir that pays homage to the street food and vendors pivotal to Penang’s culinary tapestry.


But Then Again: Feeling conned

The columnist sees the mechanic for what she thinks is a small problem and leaves with a big pain.

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Cooking The Books: Recipes you'll want to make at home

From the finest online temptations to nonya delights and roasting tray concoctions, the cookbooks featured in this month's Cooking The Books column offer a variety of recipes to replicate at home.


New York sues petroleum companies for climate change damage

New York sues petroleum companies for climate change damage and plans to sell off US$5 billion of its pension funds invested in fossil fuel companies. If others follow this example, it will be a blow to the petroleum industry.


Melting ice, hurricanes, droughts... 2017 was one of the hottest years in history

2017 will be among the three hottest years ever recorded for planet Earth. Worldwide extreme weather was an unprecedented global warming warning.


Charcoal is heating up the beauty industry

Could charcoal be the secret to healthier skin, whiter teeth and beautiful hair? Beauty brands thinks so and that's why you're finding this charred woody ingredient in your cosmetics.


Dog Talk: How to deal with your dog's toxic farts

Man’s best friend can be noxious at times. Here’s what may be happening and some tips on how to manage those toxic farts, from pet columnist Ellen Whyte.

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Jamie Oliver commissions the ultimate kitchen on wheels!

Jamie Oliver commissioned Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department to build him a family vehicle and mobile kitchen in one.