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Pauline SC Ng writes on DMIB and Global Soft.


Richly historical India

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur offer far more than just historical relics and impressive sights. These three cities are a treasure trove, pulsating with cultural life and traditional arts and crafts. Although they are different in character from each other, their histories and people have interwoven, bringing about similarities in their differences. A visit to this golden triangle is a must for those who want a feel of India's rich past.


White smoke from exhaust

YEOH KAI HUAT wonders why white white smoke keeps coming out from his Perodua Kancil exhaust.


Doing his bit for Nature

A MAJOR gripe in the Kinabatangan is that the local people have benefited little from the thriving nature tourism business and serve as mere audiences. Mindful of these grievances, some lodge operators have made it a point to share the tourism pie as well as lighten the burden of their presence on the Kinabatangan environment.


Romeo of the car world

Owning a bug has been a cool experience for Weekend writer DEEPAK GILL. He shares his experience.


Air-fouling vehicles

By Daddy Fixit


Starting from kilometre zero

The Indonesian government's declaration of martial law and military offensive against Acehnese separatists recently drew international attention to the troubledprovince on the western tip of Sumatra.ANDREAS HARSONO explains in a carefully researched and thoughtful essay why many Acehnese are fighting forindependence from Jakarta.


Brewing up a winner in Ipoh

Malaysia has 'local coffee', a delicious brew not found anywhere else in the world. Now there's a variation on that called 'white coffee' that's been tickling taste buds and winning fans nationwide. MENG YEW CHOONG goes in search of the origins of this edition to coffee culture.


Remedies for that painful period

A woman is the quintessential manager. She has to juggle the roles of mother, daughter, wife, career woman and so on. All this takes its toll on her health.


A merry barbecue

It's useful knowing how to barbecue because we have the perfect weather for it. So, learn how to plan the ultimate barbecue that'll have your friends salivating for more.