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Steady on the ball

Teacher uses exercise balls to control squirming students.


How to be a social butterfly

This holiday season, conquer your fear of making conversation — and friends — at parties!


The illusion of time

Technology gives us more time, and less.

Asia & Oceania

Revisiting the mystique of Silla in Gyeongju

From ancient tombs to Buddhist temples, walking in Gyeongju brings history to life.


Warrior sculptures of Unsung Heroes

Mat Ali Mat Som’s passion for metal and history shines through in his latest exhibition.


To BEE or not to BEE

What South Africa’s economic empowerment programme can teach us about our own.


2,000 extra steps a day cuts cardiovascular risk by 8%

The diabetes prone said to benefit.


Simple love story wins big

Love stories have been told and re-told so many times and have taken so many forms it would seem unlikely that there are any new ways to approach the subject.


Music lovers seek to pump up digital audio quality

When he sees people listening to music on portable digital devices, David Chesky cringes.


Warmth of the sun

Casey Abrams is enjoying playing music on his own terms as witnessed at his Penang concert.