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Rich nations should share birdflu antivirals

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Public health experts have called on wealthier nations to share scarce antiviral drugs and vaccines with poorer countries in Asia as the world gears up to tackle a possible influenza pandemic.


Prevention is the way to

Preventing the spread of HIV has been emphasised as one of the weapons to combat the epidemic while a vaccine is being developed. At the just concluded XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto,AUDREY EDWARDS spoke to representatives of some organisations in Asia who are striving to do just that.


Malaysia has fair share of suckers

To date, no Malaysian has been arrested for masterminding an Internet scam.


Ten times more in Africa get HIV drugs - report

TORONTO (Reuters) - Ten times more people in Africa are getting life-saving HIV drugs than did three years ago, but most still get no treatment and the pandemic is spreading, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.


Small victories feature at AIDS conference

TORONTO (Reuters) - Small victories are being won against the AIDS virus, experts said on Wednesday as a report showed that 10 times more people in Africa are getting life-saving HIV drugs than did three years ago, but overall most people who need treatment are still not getting it.


'Elite' HIV patients mystify, intrigue doctors

TORONTO (Reuters) - As many as one in 300 HIV patients never get sick and never suffer damage to their immune systems and AIDS experts said on Wednesday they want to know why.


Scientists hail breakthrough in bird flu drug quest

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists said on Wednesday they had made a breakthrough in the race to develop a drug for the H5N1 bird flu virus if it mutates into a form that can jump from human to human.


Health experts look to new weapons to battle AIDS

TORONTO (Reuters) - Circumcision, microbicides and drugs all offer promising new possibilities for battling the AIDS pandemic, but it will not be easy to roll out this arsenal of prevention methods, experts said on Tuesday.


Arm women with AIDS-preventing drug, Gates urges

TORONTO (Reuters) - A cream, gel or pill that women can use to protect themselves from the AIDS virus is key to stopping the AIDS pandemic, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has given hundreds of millions of dollars to HIV programs, said on Sunday.


AIDS virus hides out in 'accomplice' cells - study

TORONTO (Reuters) - The AIDS virus has an accomplice that helps it infect the immune system cells it attacks - other immune system cells, U.S. researchers reported on Saturday.