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Cheap durians pull in the crowds

Dubbed the durian lovers' paradise, the town of Balik Pulau is now a hive of activity with the 'King of Fruits' selling for as low as 30 sen each due to a bumper harvest.


Dispelling the myths

RICK GREGORY dispels a few bat myths and then gives us some facts to chew on.


A time of celebration

Compiled by DEEPAK GILL.


Sister: Durian not cause of death

A 27-year-old trainee teacher died from breathing difficulties and not because she choked after eating durian.


Experts: Okay to mix durians and alcohol

A potent mix it is not, when durians and alcohol are consumed together, say medical experts and the National Poison Centre.


Win a diving trip

Compiled by DEEPAK GILL


The path we choose

By Azlan Mahmud


Preserving the wilderness

I>Rimba Raya/Iis written by a British gentleman who grew up in Malaya and subsequently worked here as a plantation manager. He talks mostly about the jungle and its inhabitants.


Family finds sweet reward in ice cream

They won RM100,000 to shop 'like billionaires.' All they had was just eight hours to spend all the shopping money, so they grabbed whatever they saw fit in shops. For Madalita Santos and her husband, Ng Kek Chye, it started off with their eating ice cream to redeem points for small gifts like shampoo and soft toys in the Wall's ice cream I>Durian Runtuh/Icontest.


Food expedition down south

If there is one thing that Malaysians and Singaporeans have in common, it must be the passion for good food. A recent trip to the Lion City yielded, surprisingly, some pretty delicious finds.