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Wars and rumours of wars

NORTH Korea's deadly artillery strike on South Korea's Yeonpyeong island earlier this week is a reminder that there are still forces in the world that could throw up an unpredictable risk to the global economic recovery.


Why is US Fed's US$600bil Treasury bond buying plan being attacked globally?(update)

WASHINGTON: The Federal Reserve's plan to buy more Treasury bonds has incited critics at home to complain of inevitable high inflation and financial turmoil.


G-20 faces urgent task of averting global trade war

SEOUL, South Korea: Leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies faced the urgent task at their summit Friday of resolving a U.S.-China currency dispute that has raised the specter of a global trade war.


What now for US economy?

After mid-term elections, Fed will likely print more money to try to rev up the recovery.


G20 inks pact to avert trade war

SOUTH KOREA: The Group of 20 major economies agreed on Saturday to shun competitive currency devaluations but stopped short of setting targets to reduce trade imbalances that are clouding global growth prospects.


Currency issues heating up

SO, the United States has once again intensified its political pressure on China to hasten the appreciation of the latter's currency, the yuan, as a new legislation to allow tariffs to be imposed on imported goods from 'countries with undervalued currencies' was passed by the US House of Representatives over the week.


Move to pressure Beijing to let its currency rise faster

BEIJING: China yesterday hit back at a bill passed by the US House of Representatives aimed at pressuring Beijing to let its currency rise faster by branding it in violation of world trade rules.


Will China crash economically?

CHINA bashing by now must surely be the most popular sport among Western investors, mass media and institutions. China crashing now, China crashing a few years later, China crashing anytime and crashing forever is the mantra.


As they fold, Indonesia garment makers blame China

JAKARTA: Mufardi Rusli's neighbors hunch over tables covered in brightly colored fabric, the whirring of their sewing machines echoing across his Jakarta neighborhood.


Realities about  China’s BoP surpluses

Lin See-Yan analyses the realities about China's balance of payment surpluses.