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LifeProof your iPhone 5

LifeProof has a case custom-designed for Apple's new smartphone, the iPhone %


Google reaches out to the "next billion"

Google has launched a service to push Internet access via basic mobile phones.


Underfire ZTE sells surveillance systems subsidiary

A Congressional committee recommended to the US government that ZTE should be kept from the US market.


Young drivers know risks, but text anyway

b>NEW YORK/b>: Most young American drivers agree that it is dangerous to text while driving, but nearly a third admit they do it anyway, a survey by Consumer Reports shows.


US sues Apple, publishers in e-book price scheme

b>WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO/b>: The US Government sued Apple Inc and five publishers, saying they conspired to fix the prices of electronic books, and reached a settlement with three of the publishers that could lead to cheaper e-books for consumers.


Mobile phone calls coming to the A380

Passengers will be able to use mobile phones aboard the world's largest fleet of A380s - owned by Emirates - from July this year.


Skype’s guerilla roots

b>NEW YORK/b>: Skype is one of the rare companies that has turned its name into a verb, like Xerox or Google. 'Let's Skype' is a phrase understandable, with slight translation, in much of the world.


Microsoft deal will expand Skype reach

b>SAN FRANCISCO/b>: Imagine using your Xbox and switching from a game to a video chat with a faraway friend holding an iPad. Or going into your office e-mail to invite grandma to a virtual family reunion beamed on TV sets to relatives across the country.


Apple says iPhone not tracking users

b>NEW YORK/b>: Apple denied that the iPhone has a privacy problem - and then promised to fix it. It took the technology giant a week to respond to a brouhaha over how the devices log their owners' movements.


Microsoft and Toyota partner on in-car system

b>SAN FRANCISCO:/bMicrosoft Corp and Toyota Motor Corp are partnering to integrate web services with Toyota's vehicles.