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TECH 27 Nov 2013 | 11:19 AM

U.N. committee calls for end to excessive electronic spying

The UN committee expressed concern of the harm excessive electronic surveillance may have on human rights.

TECH 25 Nov 2013 | 12:02 PM

FCC head says he personally opposes cellphone use on planes

A day after his proposal that in-flight phone calls be allowed on airliners, the head of the US Federal Communications Commission said on Friday he personally opposed cellphone use on planes but the decision would be up to airlines.

TECH 22 Nov 2013 | 5:54 PM

US regulators to consider in-flight calls, text messaging

The US Federal Communications Commission is considering allowing airplane passengers to use their cellphones for calls and text messaging during flights, setting up a challenging debate over technical and social implications.

TECH 19 Nov 2013 | 4:03 PM

European airlines to allow gadget use during take-off and landing

EASA are likely responding to a similar change of policy by the US FAA which itself opted to allow a more widespread use of in-flight electronics on Oct31.

TECH 04 Nov 2013 | 12:00 AM

Acer launches Liquid Androids

Acer Malaysia has just launched a trio of ­competitively-priced Android smartphones into the market.

TECH 29 Oct 2013 | 5:15 PM

Acer launches three Liquid Androids

Acer Malaysia introduces three new Android smartphones, all of which have dual-SIM slots.

TECH 28 Oct 2013 | 11:20 AM

German paper says Obama aware of spying on Merkel since 2010

NSA denied that Obama had been informed about the operation by the NSA chief in 2010, as reported by the German newspaper.

Samsung 25 Oct 2013 | 12:08 PM

Samsung pushing out smartwatch compatibility software update

By the time the holiday season moves into high gear, a further eight Samsung smartphones and phablets should work with the company's recently launched Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

TECH 24 Sep 2013 | 4:49 PM

US mulls changes to personal electronics on flights

US aviation officials are considering easing restrictions on the use of personal electronics like smartphones, laptop computers and e-readers aboard airplanes, a spokesman said Monday.

TECH 19 Sep 2013 | 10:32 AM

Not just for talking, smartphones are hubs: survey

For US smartphone users, talking is old hat.