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Reining in the green monster

A popular co-parent can be a real bane.

Capturing the moment

The inherent tension and contrast in James Whitlow Delano’s photography sets his work apart.


A complicated love story that must be given a chance.

Exciting times on K-drama 'TEN 2'

Joo Sang-wook talks about the new season of K-drama series 'TEN 2'.

Beyond opera limits with 'Carmen'

An intimate version of 'Carmen' promises to give this historic work a personable edge.

Five morbid art to check out

Halloween art? Humbug! Let’s just make you queasy on the inside.

You'll be ensnared

The Mousetrap has stood the test of time for a reason: the clever plot keeps you guessing.


'Rush' is a terrific tale of rivalry, drive and passion that will hold your attention right till the chequered flag, even for non-racing fans.

Closed Circuit

This thriller feels simplistic and stale at the same time.

Psiko Pencuri Hati

The film chronicles the efforts of crime novel writer O. Sidi (Bront Palarae, of Bunohan fame), who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (get it?) and who’s trying to finish his latest novel, which is inspired by a real-life serial killer the press has dubbed “Psiko Pencuri Hati” (which roughly translates as the “psycho thief of hearts”).