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Reach praised for environs work in the Camerons

The Society of Regional Environmental Awareness of Cameron Highlands (Reach) is a model organisation for how a community can influence development in an environmentally sound way, Danish ambassador to Malaysia Lasse Reimann said.

Big step for Lady’s Slipper

The Society of Regional Environmental Awareness of Cameron Highlands (Reach) is hopeful that the Lady's Slipper Orchid - thought to be extinct here - can be replanted in a new site within the next three years if all goes well with its pilot orchid replanting project here.

Summer holiday

A location tour to the filming sites of the new South Korean drama I>Summer Scent/Igot BRIAN CHEONG#8217;s attention and needless to say he was charmed by the sights.

Strawberries in the tropics

Strawberries and other temperate crops growing in our hot, humid lowlands might not be such an uncommon occurrence in time to come as Mardi has developed the technology to make it possible, writes S.S. YOGA.

Orang asli dept invites people to join programme

The Orang Asli Affairs Department will invite more people in Pahang to join its Indigenous Community Civilisation Development Programme (Petama), which offers Islamic study courses for the orang asli.

‘Wrong farming methods can damage highlands’

Farmers in Cameron Highlands need to be trained on more suitable ways to carry out agriculture activities or they will continue to damage their surroundings.

House wanted

Heavenly gardens on earth

A coffeetable book and an on-going exhibition at the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia (IAMM) in Kuala Lumpur offer fascinating views of magnificent Islamic gardens inspired by verses in the Quran and Hadith, reports MENG YEW CHOONG.

LBS Bina expects better 2003 sales

LBS Bina Group Bhd expects to perform better this year based on the good response to its properties to date.

Wild beauties

IN the kingdom of flowering plants, orchids rule the emerald Earth. Of the over 25,000 species found worldwide, Malaysia is home to some 850 species in the peninsula and another 2,500 in Sabah and Sarawak.