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Song: DAP fears good leaders

The withdrawal of Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan is just another result of the DAP leaders' insecurity and their fear of capable people, says former Johor DAP chairman S.K. Song.


Likely changes in Johor line-up

How much does an incumbent's service record, years of service, educational level and gender feature in negotiations for candidacy? Will the face of Johor politicians change in this general election?


Clean sweep for BN in Johor?

Devoid of a formidable opposition challenge, Barisan Nasional will be looking at a clean sweep of the 56 state and 26 parliamentary seats in Johor.


My decision is final, says Fong

Fong Po Kuan, dubbed I>cili padi/Ibecause of her fiery style, has dropped a bombshell that has rocked the DAP - announcing that she is not going to contest in the general election.


Deadlock over Johor opposition seats

Opposition parties in the state have yet to decide on seat allocations due to a deadlock in negotiations.


Fong not moving to Johor

Incumbent Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan has dismissed talk that she is contesting in Johor.


Gearing up for elections in Johor

On the day Parliament was dissolved, the opposition seems to have lost out to the Barisan Nasional in terms of flags and buntings. Only PAS had its flags flying with Umno and Barisan flags along Jalan Permas in Johor Baru.


People of all races usher in the Rat Year at Open Houses throughout Johor

TOSSING Yee Sang together with hundreds of others was an unforgettable experience for 11-year-old Nur Ayu Diana Mohd Sufian Chay.


Karpal’s son to contest in Johor

Gobind Singh Deo, the son of DAP national chairman Karpal Singh, is likely to contest a parliamentary seat in Johor.


Marriage won’t stop Fong from defending Batu Gajah

Getting married two weeks ago will not stop Fong Po Kuan from defending her Batu Gajah parliament seat this coming general election.