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MEME project finds ways for Malaysia to coexist with Asian elephants

A special project called MEME aims to find a way to co-exist peacefully with our endangered Asian elephants, who play an important role in the ecosystem.


Horror show continues with Donald Trump’s elephant trophies

The Trump administration has quietly decided to allow Americans to import the body parts of African elephants shot for sport. Trump’s two adult sons are trophy hunters.


These animal snares are both cruel and criminal

Lots of wire traps just lie in the jungle for animals, waiting to chew off limbs or inflict a slow, painful death.


A brave disabled bear overcomes the horror of a poacher’s snare

This brave and disabled yet cuddly creature has overcome the horror of a poacher’s snare.


Marvellous animals of the Mekong

Over 2,500 new species have been discovered in the last 20 years along the Mekong river from China to Vietnam.


There is hope for Malaysia's environment



Operation Jungle Book: Animal anguish in America

Operation Jungle Book by the US Fish and Wildlife Department reveals some of the animals smuggled into California and the scale of wildlife trafficking.


Saving the world’s largest butterfly

An example of how the oil palm industry has set aside some land and funds to conserve a magnificent but endangered creature.


Palm oil is popular in Asia for a number of reasons... some of them nutritional

While we certainly shouldn’t consume too much of it, this popular cooking oil does offer certain benefits when it comes to food and nutrition.


Don’t cheat gibbons of their right to live in the wild

It is unlawful to keep pet gibbons and the illegal pet trade is getting many of these small apes killed.