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Pining for pineapple

Pineapple in Hokkien is I>ong lai /I>which signifiesI/I>prosperity. Pineapple tarts have become a popular cookie served during Chinese New Year to symbolise prosperity.


Debunking food myths

From magnetised water to chickens that make men grow breasts, SEE YEE AI examines some of the food myths that abound, and sets about tearing down the house of cards that shelter such myths.


Protein protection

THE latest beauty products on the shelves.


Going potty in the garden

KATHERINE KUAN provides some tips on how seniors can maintain pretty gardens without suffering from slipped discs.


Feline fragrance

FEMALE cheetahs at the Bronx Zoo in New York just love Calvin Klein#8217;s Obsession for Men. No, they don#8217;t dab their favourite perfume behind their ears, but they do enjoy rubbing up against tree stumps sprayed with it.


Scent of learning

WHAT#8217;S that smell?#8221; asked my five-year-old daughter as she walked past a bakery. Before Chinese New Year, the fragrance of kuih kapit wafted through the neighbourhood.


Life in a restless century

Every life is both ordinary and extraordinary.#8221; So writes Logan Mountstuart in his lifelong journal, a journey that visits every decade of the 20th century and is populated with colourful literary and factual characters of the last 100 years.


Recuperate in Cameron Highlands

How many times after a stressful day at work have you thought about getting away from it all and giving yourself a good break over the weekend? And how many times has this thought remained just that.


The new pyramid

An article that was recently published in the journal I>Scientific American/Iis turning mainstream dietary beliefs upside down.


Ancient traditions of healing

THE Australian Aborigines, known to be the oldest living humans (dating back at least 160,000 years) have given us many clues to healing and how we could live in the 21st century.