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Change your life with DuitNow

Bank customers stand to win amazing prizes in the DuitNow launch campaign, including a RM1mil dream home, RM1mil in cash prizes, Mercedes-Benz cars, RM20,000 IKEA gift cards and a RM100,000 Malaysia Airlines holiday package.


Ever had any bad experiences at immigration checkpoints?

Have you ever had to wait in line for hours just to get your passport cleared at immigration checkpoints?

Asia & Oceania

Where there are tourists, there are pickpockets

Being on holiday is fun but you must always take extra care of your belongings, no matter where you are.


AirAsia is upcycling old life jackets into lifestyle products

AirAsia’s Soggy No-More collection is a series of lifestyle products handmade from expired life jackets.


Palau plans sunscreen ban to save coral

The tiny Pacific island nation of Palau will ban reef-toxic sunscreens from 2020 in what it claims is a world-first initiative to stop chemical pollution killing its famed corals.

Asia & Oceania

Going on a long road trip? Here are some helpful tips

Going on a long road trip? Here are some pointers on what to bring and what to prepare for. Also, keep a positive attitude at all times. A road trip is supposed to be fun!


Orchestra of immigrants move from subway gigs to a concert hall

The virtuoso sound of Venezuela’s exiles is being heard again.


Contradictheory: Why do people queue for hours at Disneyland when they don’t have to?

If you have the know-how, you can beat the infamously long queues at Disney theme park rides. Can we apply such knowledge to, say, government departments that tend to have us queueing and queuing...


How I came home to Malaysia from Britain over land

This reader sets off to travel overland through Europe and Asia back to Malaysia, and ends up meeting his future wife in Austria.

Asia & Oceania

The first time my passport went missing in action

How I sort of lost my passport after a trip to a medical museum.