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Secret ingredient that unites us

Bangsar Boy by NIKI CHEONG There’s a dash of love in every Malaysian dish, explaining our endless obsession with food.

Putting society before ourselves

By Niki Cheong - Bangsar Boy Malaysians need to return to their roots and re-learn how to be civil with one another

Making sense of ‘lazy, young people’

Bangsar Boy - By Niki Cheong
Inaccessibility of facilities and safety issues putting damper on children’s active lifestyles

Malaysia ranks third in Asean countries for child porn violations

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia ranks third in Asean countries for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Consciously putting a stop to culture of hate

We need to acknowledge and celebrate our differences if we are to avoid the brutal crimes taking place elsewhere.

Meeting Malaysians abroad

There is something special about bumping into a fellow countryman when you are overseas

No reason for us to be racists

Racial polarisation is a problem affecting not just Malaysia but we should be better at ending it

Doing all we must to keep Internet free

I WAS first introduced to the Internet 20 years ago. Back then, we had computers at home but not a modem, so I had to occasionally pop into my parents’ workplace for my mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) fix.

Setting limits in the tech world

A break from social media turns out to be a challenge filled with valuable lessons.

Don’t act like the trolls

Bangsar Boy - By NIKI CHEONG
Long way to go before Netizens are tactful and respectful of people’s beliefs, culture and feelings.