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Probe on possible connection between dead women

POLICE are investigating whether two women found dead near each other in Semenyih, Selangor, were victims of the same incident. One has not been identified while the other was identified by her family as Norhanani Yahya, an employee of the Maybank branch in Ampang, reported I>Utusan Malaysia./I>


Resorts for all seasons

With Valentine#8217;s Day just a week away, Balinese hotels and resorts beckon with attractively-priced packages. Famous for offering the best worldly comforts money can buy, the resorts come with added value of superlative service and warmth.


A Sabah community in need

Bro Lawrence#8217;s encounter with the kampung happened by sheer chance, or as some may say, fate.


Troubled companies wrestle with issue of CEO salary

B>NEW YORK:/BWhen the new chief executive of Kmart takes the company's jet for personal trips, he will have to pay for it. His base salary is lower than that of the company's former CEOs, and he got no signing bonus.


Looking back and going forward

In Remix, a new column that appears occasionally, we#8217;ll explore the fusion between worldwide music cultures and electronic beats.


Paradise isle escapade

Bali aka paradise isle, woos us with her idyllic beaches, Zen-inspired spas and surfing Utopia. But when the rain pelts and the wind goes AWOL, don#8217;t pack your bags just yet. LEONG SIOK HUI headed inland to shoot some gut-churning rapids, traipse through a postcard-perfect village and ride piggyback on a Sumatran elephant.


Global recognition for remote community

A native Kayan community living in the deep interior of northern Sarawak has won global recognition for its decade-long effort in community development, conservation of natural food resources and protection of forest biodiversity.


Elephants rescue calves from drowning

I>TAMIL NESAN/Ifront-paged a moving story of how seven elephants rescued two calves that fell into a small pond while drinking water in a village near Chennai, India, last Saturday.


Of monsters and guerillas

PAPAN is not just a little ghost town in Perak. It is full of colourful stories and awesome legends which an author wants to record for posterity, reports CHRISTINA KOH.


Deejay's own spin to songs

It#8217;s Grammy time tomorrow and the Best Dance nominees are upon us. But while that, and the other categories are self-explanatory, another dance-related category continues to elude the comprehension of most readers: Best Remixer.