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Alibaba injects US$488mil health food assets into Ali Health

Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd said Alibaba Group Holding Ltd would sell HK$3.8bil (RM2.11bil) worth of health food and nutritional products businesses to the company.


Wearable tech takes aim at health care costs

Stroll around the office or neighbourhood six times a day, and earn US$1.50 (RM6.05) toward your health insurance. Step up activity a bit more and bring the total to US$1,400 (RM5,645) annually.


Community Health says data stolen in cyberattack from China

Community Health Systems Inc, one of the biggest US hospital groups, said on Monday it was the victim of a cyberattack from China, resulting in the theft of Social Security numbers and other personal data belonging to 4.5 million patients.


Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 Bing health and fitness app

Microsoft has released Bing Health and Fitness, an app that offers all-in-one health tracking, including diet, health stats, and exercise.


Cerner and Athenahealth say integrating with Apple's mobile health service

Cerner Corp and Athenahealth Inc, two leading US electronic health record providers, said on Thursday they are working with Apple Inc to develop applications that leverage Apple's mobile health service HealthKit.


Dr Smartphone? How to tell if a health app is reliable

In principle, health apps for your smartphone or other mobile device should make it easier to make healthy decisions – right?


University and Google hope to use patterns in patient records to predict health

As a patient, your electronic medical record contains a wealth of information about you. Doctors use that info to track your medical history and keep tabs on you in the hospital – but what if they could also use it to predict your future health?


Google unveils India 'health cards' as it eyes vast market

Google began offering its own doctor-vetted health information on search pages in India, as the Internet giant battles to boost user numbers in the key emerging market.


Health apps often lack privacy policies and share our data

Just because a health app has a privacy policy doesn’t mean the data will remain private, an analysis of mobile tools for diabetes suggests.


Sitting in front of TV may be worse for health than desk job

Working at a desk all day may not be as bad for heart health and longevity as sitting in front of a television after hours, according to a US study that suggests not all types of sitting are equally harmful.