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Yein and yang: Outspoken DJ Leng Yein

Model-DJ Leng Yein does not mind being labelled ‘fake DJ’.

Dream come true for actor Joe Manganiello

The hunky actor finally gets to star alongside his childhood hero Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Sabotage'.

Punishing parenting tasks

It’s not easy bringing up junior, given the current overload of information on what’s best for the little ones.

Controversial papyrus proven authentic, but alas it's not a marriage cert

Scientists who examined a controversial fragment of papyrus written in Egyptian Coptic in which Jesus speaks of his 'wife' concluded that the papyrus and ink are probably ancient and not a modern forgery.

Look out, romantics: Half of all sexts are lies, lies, lies!

In an online survey of college students in the US, nearly half of those who had ever sent a sexy text had lied while doing so. But should we really be so shocked?

Reclaiming artistry: Making unique furniture from rust, grit and grime

Marian Built brings new life and purpose to reclaimed materials in the United States.

Seven things to know for 'Mad Men' Season 7

It's a mad 'Mad' world as the final countdown begin to Don Draper's story.

Aaron Sorkin apologises to journalists for misunderstanding

The creator of 'The Newsroom' said that he never meant to ‘teach’ journalists how to do their work.

Digital eyes from Japan can 'fake' your emotions for you

Can’t be bothered to show anyone what you’re thinking? A Japanese scientist has the answer - a pair of digital eyes that can express delight and anger, or even feign boredom.

Australian art laws: Dealing with fraud

Australia strengthens the law to deal with art fakes.