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Our columnist finds inner peace at a two-day retreat

Once you meditate your body and mind into harmony, you will be able to handle any curveball life throws at you.

Are you at risk of mouth cancer?

Ulcers, sore throat, a painful tongue and difficulty chewing - are these just your regular ailments or symptoms of something more like mouth cancer?

Avocados pack a punch

Yes, avocados are relatively high in fat and calories, but they’re also packed with nutrients and heart-healthy compounds.

Now that’s good bacteria

Prebiotics and probiotics are examples of functional components of foods that help improve health.

Importance of having a healthy gut

VITAGEN Malaysia, in conjunction with their 40th anniversary, will have a nationwide roadshow at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya from Aug 23 to 27, followed by Queensbay Mall in Penang and Aeon Tebrau City in Johor.

Is it normal if you don't need to go to the toilet every day?

Some people go to the toilet seemingly like clockwork, but some of us don't have a fixed time or even need to go every day. Is this normal?

Cheers to good bugs

Landmark local research reaffirms efficacy of probiotics.

Studies show probiotics improve gut health

ACCORDING to a landmark research, consuming probiotics that contain live microorganisms Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei can significantly improve constipation symptoms among healthy people as well as constipated patients.

The importance of digestive health

World Digestive Health Day Malaysia 2017 aims to raise public awareness on the importance of good digestive health.

If you have bowel problems, add soya protein to your diet

A diet supplemented with soya protein may ease the severity of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, says a new study.