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Six ways Malaysians can show their patriotism

AS our beloved country Malaysia celebrates her 61st Merdeka next week, it is time for us to show her our deepest appreciation. Having been through a significant period of change this year, she has definitely come a long way since then.

Firing up appetites with Sichuan fare

HAVING your mouth go numb in the name of good food in the likes of authentic, fiery Sichuan cuisine will be worth it.

NeNe Chicken opens new outlets at Avenue K, Plaza Merdeka

KUALA LUMPUR: South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, NeNe Chicken has opened another two restaurant in Avenue K in Kuala Lumpur and Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall, Kuching.

Cook’s Nook: Amy Beh’s recipes for stuffed taco shells

For your next trendy party, stuff crisp taco shells with all sorts of tantalising fillings and your guests may just do the salsa!

Wonders of burgers

MENTION burgers and one will immediately think of their favourite Ramly burger stall by the roadside.

Delightful ode to Penang favourites

THE Light Hotel Penang in Seberang Jaya is paying tribute to Penang this Ramadan with its promotion called ‘An Ode To The Pearl Of The Orient’.

Combined effort to serve best of local fare

BEING away from the country for 12 years has inspired chef Alexander Chong to present a Ramadan buffet with the best of Malaysian cuisine.

Contradictheory: Getting crispy with chicken rendang

Like every Malaysian, columnist Dzof Azmi has an opinion about crispy chicken rendang. Should life and food be about staying with tradition or trying new things?

How the MasterChef UK judge got it so wrong about chicken rendang

How could MasterChef UK judge mistakenly think chicken rendang should be crispy? Judging from an article on an influential food website, he wasn't the only one.

KFC Malaysia jumps onto the ‘Rendangate’ bandwagon

PETALING JAYA: “The only thing that should be crispy is our fried chicken” – fast-food chain KFC Malaysia posted on its Instagram as it jumped onto the “Rendangate” bandwagon.