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Mercedes eyes driverless on-demand limousine service as potential market

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz sees business potential in offering on-demand limousine services using driverless cars, Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche said, in what amounts to a direct challenge to Uber.


BMW eyes new business opportunities with autonomous cars

German carmarker BMW is preparing to rethink its products, design and business models for the advent of driverless cars, a board member at the Bavarian company said.


Can a self-driving car negotiate a moral maze?

The road to autonomous cars is littered with ethical, moral and even philosophical obstacles that need to be overcome before self-driving vehicles can take to the streets.


Toyota aims to commercialise semi-autonomous cars around 2020

Toyota Motor Corp said it would aim to bring to market cars that can autonomously change lanes, merge with traffic, and overtake other vehicles on highways by around 2020 as it aims to catch up in the nascent field of self-driving cars.


How the Tokyo motor show signposts the way to autonomous driving

From self-driving living rooms on wheels to robots capable of taking a motorbike around a race circuit, this year's event has provided the clearest indication yet of how Japanese carmakers perceive the future of personal mobility


Google in the driver's seat

New research suggests that Google's unrivaled access to complementary technologies could mean it will be offering consumers access to driverless taxis before a traditional carmaker can get its first autonomous car in a dealership.


Human roadblock for Japanese firms developing autonomous cars

Japanese car manufacturers will have to convince the public that letting go of the wheel in a self-driving car is safe, while also dealing with the biggest threat to the cars’ security: the humans using them.


Volvo puts the driver in the passenger seat

Teased as a Time Machine ahead of its unveiling, Volvo's Concept 26 reimagines the car cabin as a space for creation and consumption as well as commuting once self-driving vehicles have become the norm.


Can Microsoft bring a new dimension to Volvo’s cars?

Volvo is working with Microsoft in order to develop new high-tech ways of keeping drivers safe and of helping the next generation discover the benefits of driving a premium Swedish, rather than German or Japanese, marque.


20 million cars will be autonomous by 2025

The latest report into the future of autonomous and self-driving cars from Juniper Research sets 2021 as the date when the technology, which until recently was confined to sci-fi thrillers and James Bond films, starts to become a real-world reality.