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Grassroots tech group takes startup approach to fight Brexit

Grassroots group of UK tech volunteers battles Brexit by working like a startup.

GDC Women in Gaming rally puts spotlight on inclusion, accessibility in industry

Inclusion and accessibility were the big topics this week at the Women in Gaming Rally, held in coordination with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Union accuses Amazon of breaking US law by firing activist

A union organising Inc employees in New York has filed a complaint accusing the company of illegally firing one of the labour group’s most prominent supporters.

Thousands protest Russia’s ‘Internet isolation’

Thousands of people rallied against Russia’s increasingly restrictive Internet policies on March 10 which critics say will eventually lead to “total censorship” and isolate the country from the world.

Video game releases: Dirt Rally 2.0, Ape Out, The Lego Movie 2, more

Rally racer Dirt Rally 2.0, stylised jazz-puncher Ape Out, space empire builder Stellaris: Console Edition, ragdoll-physics motocross stunt challenge Trials Rising and becostumed fighting game Dead or Alive 6 all launch to a warm reception, with a tie-in for The Lego Movie 2 also available.

Macron calls for EU agency to stop cyberattacks on elections

With the European Union heading into a series of critical elections, French leader Emmanuel Macron sounded the alarm about foreign interference and called for the formation of an EU-wide body to protect voting from “cyberattacks and manipulations”.

Your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in

The new frontier of campaign tech is a loosely regulated world in which simply downloading a weather app or game, connecting to WiFi at a coffee shop or powering up a home router can allow a data broker to monitor your movements with ease, then compile the location information and sell it to a political candidate who can use it to surround you with messages.

China accuses US of trying to block its tech development

China accuses the United States of trying to block its industrial development by alleging Chinese mobile network equipment poses a cybersecurity threat.

Venezuelan opposition targeted by Internet censors

Opposition leader Juan Guaido's calls for Venezuelans to abandon Nicolas Maduro's government are booming across the world outside, but the self-declared interim president is having a harder time delivering his message at home.

Russian teenagers use social media to rebel against teachers

The principal of a prestigious school near St. Petersburg summoned 16-year-old Leonid Shaidurov and 14-year-old Maxim Dautov in for a chat. Then he threatened them with expulsion, a criminal probe and being blacklisted from all Russian universities.