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Workers, estates sign historic deal on guaranteed monthly wage

Estate workers signed a historic deal with plantation owners Tuesday, capping a 40-year struggle to receive a guaranteed minimum wage each month.


Groups laud wage deal for estate workers

Several groups have welcomed the deal, which estate workers signed with plantation owners to receive a guaranteed minimum wage each month although some questioned the RM350 amount.


Lim: Zainal must explain his absence from EPF meeting

MTUC president Datuk Zainal Rampak, who is a board member of the EPF, owes an explanation to the public on his absence from one board meeting related to dividends payout, said DAP chairman Lim Kit Siang.


MTUC wants option shares offer

The MTUC wants the Government to offer option shares to EPF as one way to ensure that its contributors are not continually short-changed, congress president Zainal Rampak said.


Socso denies influencing medical panel

Socso has denied influencing doctors and specialists it has appointed on its independent medical panel in matters of claims.


Don't forget less educated workers, says CAP

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) wants Socso to look into the welfare of the less educated workers especially those in the rural areas who often have to wait long periods for their claims to be processed.


MTUC greeting Workers Day in dismal mood

The MTUC will observe Workers Day tomorrow with a sombre theme in line with the gloomy global economic outlook that threatens to change the livelihood of workers around the world.


MTUC and Cuepacs send out different messages

The two main labour groupings - MTUC and Cuepacs - celebrated Workers Day by holding separate gatherings and made contrasting calls.


MTUC: Probe claims of Socso influence on panels

MTUC claimed that it had received calls from Socso members who have alleged that the organisation had influenced the medical panels.


Tamil daily supports call for Socso extension

IN conjunction with the Workers Day celebrationsI>, Tamil Nesan/Iexpressed its support for MTUC in calling for the Socso scheme to be extended to farmers, fishermen and petty traders.