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Waymo tests WiFi in driverless taxis hoping perks can route it past rivals

Waymo is rolling out amenities to entice riders to use its self-driving taxis, creating a potential route to profitability in a money-losing industry.


Sony’s deal with Microsoft blindsided its own PlayStation team

When Sony Corp unveiled a cloud gaming pact with archrival Microsoft Corp, it surprised the industry.


Still at snail’s pace 20 years later

FROM HP , Johor Baru


Bad weather could rain on Malaysia’s 5G parade

Expert says rain can interfere with high speed 5G, though more towers could overcome the issue.


Apple, Qualcomm face decisive trial in global chips brawl

Apple Inc and Qualcomm Inc have spent two years fighting around the globe over how much the chipmaker can charge for iPhones that use its patented technology, with neither landing a decisive blow. That could change with a trial starting April 15 in San Diego.


Malaysian telcos hit 1-5Gbps high speed Internet during 5G tests

Malaysian telcos show that it's possible to hit wireless broadband speeds between 1-5Gbps using 5G, during their testing for the coming 5G Malaysia Showcase.


‘A monopoly on information’: Russia closes grip on Internet

Russian lawmakers have approved a bill that would expand government control over the Internet.


High speed, low latency, VR and Internet of Things: What 5G promises

Despite a wave of overpriced 5G phones coming our way, the biggest advantages from the next generation in high-speed Internet won't be seen on your phone.

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Improving Selangor’s digital infrastructure

VARIOUS telecommunication players will be called together to improve the services of the current WiFi Smart Selangor programme in the state.