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CyberSecurity Malaysia: Beware, your cyberfling could turn into a blackmail scam

National cybersecurity specialist agency CyberSecurity Malaysia today alerted the public to the dangers of ‘cyberflirts’, saying it is linked to a rising trend in cyber blackmail scams.

.MY domains hacked? (Updated)

Users who try to visit certain “.my” domains are now being redirected to a hack site.

Amirudin plans to strengthen CSM

Newly appointed CyberSecurity Malaysia chief executive officer, Dr Amirudin Abd Wahab, hopes to shake up the country's cybersecurity agency in order for it to be the point of reference when it comes Internet security matters.

Don’t be a victim

DESPITE numerous warnings not to be tempted by scams, some people still bite.

CyberSecurity Malaysia re-elected to APCERT steering committee

CyberSecurity Malaysia has been re-elected to the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team steering committee.

Cisco moves to defend fast-evolving datacentres

To proactively protect the fast-evolving datacentres against such security threats, Cisco has introduced several products.

Still work to be done to ensure a safer cyberspace

More focus on human capital development and greater collaboration with industry players is needed to ensure cybersafety.

Have you checked your PC for DNSChanger yet?

The malware will prevent machines from connecting to any websites on July 10.

CyberSecurity Malaysia sets up certification body

CyberSecurity Malaysia has established the Information Security Professional Association (ISPA).

Check your PC for DNSChanger malware

CyberSecurity Malaysia has a tool that will help computer users rid their machines of the DNSChanger malware.