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China says no to hip-hop

Artistes with tattoos and links to scandals also banned from TV under new rules.

When China takes a long break

THE Chinese are on the move again, creating a spectacular travel season known as the world’s largest annual human migration.

Festive fun at Beijing’s temple fairs

TEMPLE fairs, known as miao hui in Mandarin, have long been a part of the Spring Festival in Beijing.

China to open its doors wider

CHINA has started a new page in its political history following the revision of the president’s term of office.

China tames tiger parenting

The government is revamping its education system so that students can develop healthily.

The lawfully and awfully wedded

MOST wedding vows are pledges of lifelong commitment and loyalty, but judging from the high divorce rates in many countries, what couples promise to do when they get married and what they actually do after that can be very different things. It’s apparently the case in China too.

Increasing Beijing's blue sky days

BEIJING has been smothered with smog most of the time since late February. Clear days have been so precious that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The name game in China

There is a lot to consider when naming a child. An unfortunate combination of Chinese characters can mean a lifetime of ridicule.

Fighting funeral fraud and folly

DEATH is an important life event, and to the Chinese, a proper sending-off ceremony ensures the soul of the deceased reaches the afterlife.

When ‘little emperors’ misbehave

Bratty kids in China are back in the spotlight. Will they learn or can their parents teach them?