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Food News

Chinese New Year kitchen aids for chefs

Unilever Food Solutions' range of easy-to-use products like lime powder, chicken stock and salted egg yolk powder continue to help chefs cope furing the hectic festive period.

Eating Out

Incredibly good Chinese food at Rue Ee

Rue Ee serves up a delicious range of Chinese food, like its signature Teochew Shantou fish pot, stir-fried crabmeat with fresh milk and barbecued Iberico pork belly. 9/10 A spectacular selection of Chinese food The good: There is an experienced hand behind the food and it shows in every mouthful The bad: Parking can be a bit tough in the afternoons

Food News

Traditional Chinese meals mixed with Nyonya favourites for Chinese New Year

Home cook May Goh still serves the Nyonya dishes she learnt how to make as a teenager like jiu hu char and acar, at her annual Chinese New Year gathering.

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Hearty Italian fare at Passione

Passionate Italian chef Stefano Criber serves up a litany of Italian food like seafood linguine, cold cuts, wild boar tagliatelle, pluma Iberico and tiramisu.


Cook’s Nook: Amy Beh Shares 3 Cookie Recipes for Chinese New Year

Fill your cookie jars with home-made cookies to share with family and friends this Chinese New Year.

Eating Out

Gajaa at 8 serves up delicious Kerala food

Gajaa at 8 is a family-run eatery that serves authentic Kerala food like meen pollichatu, mushroom varutharacha and chetta chicken curry.

Book Review

Festive cookbooks to spread holiday cheer

From the ins and outs of French cuisine, to holiday staples and baking essentials, there's lots to inspire foodies everywhere this festive season.

Food News

Curious Cook: Influencing customers and funny science

The columnist’s observations on how businesses get us to spend money and the findings of some food-related studies.

Food News

‘Lamentable’: What French food guide thinks of French restaurants

Top French guide La Liste says the standard of French cuisine is on the slide.

Food News

Comfort food in a foreign land: A recipe for beef noodles

Foreign grocery stores, elderly church ladies and mum's adaptation of Taiwanese beef noodle soup.