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Tech giants still stumbling in the social world they created

Who knew connecting the world could get so complicated? Perhaps some of technology’s brightest minds should have seen that coming.

Spare us the righteous anger

The change that Malaysians voted for will not last if we don’t push back against the manipulation of racial and religious issues.

Objections built on false grounds

There is nothing in the law that supports the criticism over the appointment of new Chief Justice.

Artificial Intelligence could one day determine which films get made

According to the founder of artificial intelligence outfit ScriptBook, Sony Pictures could have saved a fortune from 2015 to 2017 by using the company’s algorithms instead of human beings to reject or greenlight movies.

Do we have a Cabinet of change?

Malaysians expect the new ministers and deputy ministers to show that there are better ways to govern the country.

We need a credible opposition

It may be too early to come to any conclusions, but I am wondering when we are going to get a proper opposition in Malaysia.

Racism doesn’t deserve an audience

Instead of pandering to those who harp on race and religion, the Government should focus on brave and honest decisions that will make the country better.

A must-do list for Dr Maszlee

The new Education Minister should focus on freedom and empowerment in tackling issues in universities.

A brave new world for Malaysia

The peaceful transfer of power on Thursday in the unexpected Putrajaya change, which removed a 61-year-old regime, paves the way for a new era for the country.

On being on the right side of history

ON Thursday morning, I received this text message from my brother-in law. It sounded perplexed: “I just woke up and found out I’m pro-government.”