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Can you go a week without using a screen? Try this digital detox

Could you go an entire week without using a screen?


WHO recommends one-hour maximum screen time per day for under-fives

Young children should not spend more than an hour a day watching television and videos or playing computer games and infants less than one year old should not be exposed to electronic screens at all, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said.


GPS has its own 19-year cicada problem

Most people of a certain age remember the Y2K problem that worried digitalists worldwide when we transitioned from 1999 to 2000 on the night of Dec 31, 1999. What would happen to computers and systems when the last two digits on the date went from 99 to 00?


TSA’s social media highlight weird stuff in travellers’ bags

TSA’s Instagram feed continues on without creator, trying to find that perfect balance of humor plus travel dos and don’ts.


Inside the cutthroat combination of plastic surgery and social media

In South Florida, an area known for its high volume of successful and botched plastic surgeries, social media has brought a whole new level of craziness to the industry.


Why children need screen-free zones at home

Even without the violent footage and near-hysterical television anchors declaring war every minute, watching television for more than an hour every day affects the physical and mental health of children, studies show.


Amazon’s NYC retreat heralds new era of corporate welfare fights

Just as New Yorkers were absorbing Inc’s decision to abandon a new office hub after tangling over US$3bil (RM12.24bil) in tax breaks, General Electric Co was beating a retreat in Boston, cancelling plans to build an office tower and promising to return US$87mil (RM355.17mil) in government incentives.


How official Chinese propaganda is adapting to the social media age as disaffection spreads among millennials

Communist Party’s official outlets scouring country for new media specialists to reach 800 million web users and squeeze out ‘undesirable influences’.


Facebook is a persuasion platform that's changing the advertising rulebook

Facebook – the social network that started in a Harvard dorm room 15 years ago – has evolved into a media and advertising giant. It’s helped create a new age of precise consumer insights.


A good yarn: Russia’s Insta-grannies take knitting skills online

Elderly women across Russia are often seen selling their hand-knitted wares on pavement corners for a few roubles to supplement meagre pensions.