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Rooster a good year to have babies

With the Nobleman and Academic stars in place, the Year of the Rooster will be a good year to have babies, says Hong Kong feng shui master.


Numerology: A year of opportunities

Singaporean numerologist Gracy Yap says 2017 is a more optimistic year than last year.


Innovating to help us age more healthily

With our rapidly ageing populations, innovations in health technology are becoming increasingly crucial.


Tomboy Michelle Monaghan stars in Sleepless

Monaghan adds punch to Sleepless.


Hong Kong's Shock Wave spared no expenses on its explosive action scenes

The Hong Kong action thriller is about a bomb disposal expert, played by Andy Lau.


Vasthu guide to picking a reliable maid

Compatibility can be checked with zodiac signs.


Recollectus, an exhibition inspired by KL's famous Razak Mansion

An artist contemplates the sadness felt when the city’s ‘old, soulful’ places are lost to redevelopment.


Here’s what’s coming up in the future for the Star Wars franchise

Here’s what’s coming up in the future for the Star Wars franchise.

Movie Review

Review: Wonder Woman

The DC Extended Universe finally has its beacon of hope, and it’s not Emo Supes.


This Game Of Thrones fan theory involving Bran Stark might just be true

Isaac Hempstead Wright gets into time travelling in Game Of Thrones.