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Nation 16 Nov 2003 | 12:00 AM

Medical checks for diabetes

The state Health Department will go all out to encourage people, especially those with a family history of diabetes, to go for medical checks following a survey which showed that many of them are unaware they have the disease.

Nation 15 Nov 2003 | 12:00 AM

Doc: Diabetics may suffer kidney failure

About 50% of Type 2 diabetics worldwide who have minute amounts of protein in their urine risk developing kidney failure within five to 10 years, a recent global campaign has shown.

Nation 07 Nov 2003 | 12:00 AM

Poser over next Kelantan MB

In the wake of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad voluntarily stepping down from power, there is talk that PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat may be considering doing the same. The party is apparently hard put to find Nik Aziz#8217;s successor, writes SYED AZHAR.

AseanPlus News 29 Oct 2003 | 12:00 AM

Foundation funds research on diabetes

THE promise of stem cells for curing diabetes has convinced an international research foundation to pump millions into such work in Singapore.

AseanPlus News 12 Oct 2003 | 12:00 AM

Risk of death in heart bypass higher in women

MORE women than men tend to die shortly after a heart bypass surgery because they tend to seek for treatment very late, said Dr Lim Chong Hee, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at the National Heart Centre.

Nation 11 Oct 2003 | 12:00 AM

Have more anti-drug activities, NGOs urged

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Johor have been urged to be more aggressive in supporting the government's anti-drug campaign, especially in Felda schemes and fishing villages.

AseanPlus News 09 Oct 2003 | 12:00 AM

Man with brain tumour jailed for damaging lifts

A 35-YEAR-OLD man who suffers from an inoperable brain tumour went on a two-month lift-damaging spree around his housing estate.

Nation 04 Oct 2003 | 12:00 AM

Ex-sergeant steals to pay for medication

A 52-year-old former air force sergeant is believed to have resorted to burglary to pay for his medical bills over the past two decades.

Nation 04 Oct 2003 | 12:00 AM

Cancer a chronic disease by 2015

From the Malay Press: Cancer will become controllable and be defined as a chronic disease by 2015 worldwide, just like asthma and diabetes, according to a study in the United States.

Nation 30 Sep 2003 | 12:00 AM

Cooker removes starch from rice

After a year of research, a local inventor has come out with a prototype of what he claims to be a specially-designed rice cooker which can remove starch from rice. Henry Lourdes John, 36, said the cooker would be a boon to diabetics and those on a diet as it could suck out the starch through a pipe-like device when the rice is almost cooked.