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Eyes in the sky

Silicon Valley startups are at the forefront of a new space race.


Hot London fashion, despite the cold

Our columnist heads to London for a trade show and fashion week.


Booming business in love hotels

FROM rooms kitted out like medical clinics where couples can play “doctors and nurses” to grottos where it is permanently Christmas, Japan’s “love hotels” cater to almost every taste, offering a few hours of reasonably-priced privacy in a crowded country.


Pedestrian problems

Can we live in a country where we can walk to places, rather than driving and increasing the traffic and pollution?


The upmarket 'ghetto'

As luxury condos move into an area, the poor get pushed out to the periphery of the city. Is this ‘progress’?

Asia & Oceania

Adrenaline rush, Aussie style

Time to head out of the cities and embark on an epic adventure in Oz!


South Korean lovers say it with matching clothing

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, let’s check out the ‘couple look’ that’s been taken to a different level in the country.


Sex in the air – not!

While love is clearly in the air as Valentine's Day nears, lust should be carefully kept in check!


Uneven skin surface

Are there any solutions for my uneven skin surface and any recommendations for make-up?


Volcano gave China its dinosaur fossil trove

A treasure trove of fossilised dinosaurs and other long-extinct species in north-eastern China was created, Pompeii-style, by an erupting volcano, scientists said last week.