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Healing hands

WHAT are the options available for slipped disc sufferers, other than painkillers, physiotherapy and surgery? Well, a branch of the healing arts called chiropractic claims it can help.

Eating and the elderly

As you grow older, you may need less energy from what you eat, but you still need just as many of the nutrients in food.

A lot of buzzing over honey

HONEY, the best-known bee product, has been valued by humans throughout history. But only recently has interest grown in another bee product, royal jelly.

Eat your greens


Sieving through food myths

WANT to find out more about common food myths and their real facts? While the Internet is guilty of being a major perpetuator of many food myths, there are sites that offer sound, unbiased scientific information as well.

Pharmacy's formula for success

There is a shortage of pharmacists in Malaysia. It's a good career for anyone interested in the medical field.

Debunking food myths

From magnetised water to chickens that make men grow breasts, SEE YEE AI examines some of the food myths that abound, and sets about tearing down the house of cards that shelter such myths.

Shoring up your health

LAI CHOON MEI offers suggestions on how to help our stressed out bodies with supplements.

Yellow turn

A potpourri of common ailments and possible herbal remedies.

K-oagulation factor

VITAMIN K, like vitamins A, D and E, is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is metabolised along with fat in the body and is best taken with meals. But unlike those more familiar substances, not much vitamin K is stored in your body fat. Fortunately, about 80% of the vitamin K you need is synthesised by bacteria that live in your intestinal tract.