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Walking the GST tightrope

Tax system may weaken if there are too many zero-rated and exempt supplies.


Audits alone can’t solve all

Not all audits are created equal. We need to ask questions


Can auditors be insightful, transparent?

New standards introduce changes to increase value of audit reports


Let’s discuss productivity

Nationwide productivity movement will stall if we’re not bothered

Brave New World

Is the Government serious or not?

Making the judicial appointment process more transparent and accountable and having true separation of powers will be our main safeguard against tyranny.


Whistleblow for a bright future

We need more whistleblowers. A publicity blitz will do the trick


A 1Malaysia corporation to root for

IT’S likely that 1Malaysia Development Bhd will continue to make the headlines for some time to come, but there’s another 1Malaysia corporation that warrants some attention as well, although for different reasons.


Reporting for a better future

Bursa’s new rules on sustainability disclosures are a step in the right direction


Bank executives grapple with recession talk

NEW YORK: Executives at the largest US banks are grappling with how to best talk about the slowing economy and its impact on their businesses as they enter earnings season, people familiar with their thinking told Reuters.


Bridge to nowhere shows China's failed efforts to engage North Korea

DANDONG, China (Reuters) - Towering above the murky waters, the New Yalu River Bridge was supposed to symbolise a new era in relations between China and North Korea, helping bring investment to landmark free trade zones jointly run with the impoverished and isolated state.