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Getting a grip on oil palm issues

THIS month didn't start well for the plantation industry. Over the first two days, British newspaper i>The Independent/iran several hard-hitting articles, anchored by a front-page editorial on May 1, that blamed the expansion of oil palm area in Malaysia and Indonesia for ills caused by deforestation.


Looking at the bigger picture



A kick-start from the top

A decade has gone by since the Government issued itsiReport on Corporate Governance./iIt was a watershed development that rose from the ashes of the Asian financial crisis, reflecting the sobering fact that a key element in regaining investor confidence in Malaysia was better corporate governance (CG) standards.


A cliche too late

Why wait until a crisis strikes before giving customers what they want?


Black eye over blacklist

Errol Oh laments that Malaysia did not act earlier to avoid the now-rescinded blacklisting by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development


IR from Bursa perspective

Many listed companies still do not give enough attention to the exchange's guidelines.


Matchmaking mania

A Valentine's Day wish list for corporate mergers.


Let the de-listing begin

In the span of 10 days, Bursa Malaysia has announced the de-listing of three companies and the commencement of procedures to boot out another two. What's fascinating about this is that we're not talking about nondescript also-rans that have barely shown up on the investors' radar screens.


Passing the medical test

HOW does it feel to be Steve Jobs? To be under such scrutiny that his physical appearance and whether he continues a long tradition have sparked widespread speculation about his health, including in the media?


Look Ma, no wireless

SHOULD we fret over deadlines, targets and licensing conditions set by the authorities? Maybe not. Maybe there's room for flexibility, interpretation and adaptation. Maybe the powers that be are obliging enough to loosen the rules to suit our respective situations.