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Greenland glaciers disappearing more quickly - study

ST. LOUIS (Reuters) - Greenland's glaciers are dumping more than twice as much ice into the Atlantic Ocean now as 10 years ago because glaciers are sliding off the land more quickly, researchers said on Thursday.


FEATURE - Islands battle rising seas for survival

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Carteret Islands are almost invisible on a map of the South Pacific, but the horseshoe scattering of atolls is on the front-line of climate change, as rising sea levels and storm surges eat away at their existence.


Rising sea levels threaten New Jersey - study

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Rising sea levels caused by global warming could shrink New Jersey by up to 3 percent in the next 100 years, U.S. scientists warned on Wednesday.


Other states should follow Sarawak

Writes B>HARBAN SINGH of Johor Baru./B>


Will G8 act on climate change?

The Group of Eight rich countries meet next month in Scotland, with climate change being a major agenda item. Most leaders agree there must be a breakthrough for the needed urgent action to be taken. But the United States is expected to block progress. Will Prime Minister Blair at last succeed in getting President Bush to go along with him on at least this topic.


Pointing fingers over global warming

Fear over coastal erosion, sea-level rise and intensive weather calamities, all believed to be linked to global warming, is triggering more cases of climate-related litigation, writes RICHARD INGHAM.


Languishing in the heat

The leading scientist of the world#8217;s authoritative body on climate change shares his views and concerns on the global environmental crisis with TAN CHENG LI.


Province threatened by rising sea levels

China Perspective: Because of global warming, the sea level along the coast of Guangdong Province in south China is rising 1cm each year.