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Antarctic melting may be speeding up - scientists

HOBART (Reuters) - Rising sea levels and melting polar ice-sheets are at upper limits of projections, leaving some human population centres already unable to cope, top world scientists say as they analyse latest satellite data.


Cause for concern

More severe storms are just one of the consequences of the rise in global temperatures.


Scientist says sea level rise could accelerate

HOBART, Australia (Reuters) - Data from satellites is showing that sea-level rises and polar ice-melting might be worse than earlier thought, a leading oceanographer said on Monday.


INTERVIEW - Sea may swallow Maldives if global warming unchecked

COLOMBO (Reuters) - His Indian Ocean island cluster is a magnet for Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, but the Maldives may disappear within generations unless world leaders urgently combat climate change, President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom warns.


Antarctica works as living global warming laboratory

MCMURDO STATION, Antarctica (Reuters) - For scientists at this ice-encircled outpost, global warming is not a matter of debate. It is a simple fact and crucial research questions center on what its consequences will be.


Tiny island states seek help from rising Pacific

NADI, Fiji (Reuters) - As the rising Pacific Ocean laps at their doorsteps, tiny Tuvalu and Kiribati fear becoming environmental refugees and said major greenhouse gas emitters Australia and the United States have a moral obligation to help.


Stronger hurricanes spawn bigger storm surges

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Stronger hurricanes forecast for the next few decades could flood major cities including Miami and New Orleans, environmental scientists said on Wednesday.


Melting ice sheets could spur oceans' rise - study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Miami would be a memory, Bangkok a soggy shadow of its former self and the Maldive Islands would vanish if melting polar ice keeps fueling a faster-than-expected rise in sea levels, scientists reported on Thursday.


Scientists find Antarctic ice shrank significantly

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Antarctic ice sheet shrank significantly during the past three years, according to the findings of a NASA study released on Thursday.


Greenland glaciers melting faster, study finds

ST. LOUIS (Reuters) - Greenland's glaciers are dumping twice as much ice into the Atlantic Ocean now as five years ago because glaciers are moving and melting more quickly, researchers said on Thursday.