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Food News 18 Mar 2016 | 6:52 AM

Bolivia touts llama as healthy alternative to beef

The llama, a long-necked pack animal known for its wool, has also long been a food source for indigenous people in Bolivia.

Travel 08 May 2016 | 6:11 AM

Everybody was kungfu fighting... in the Dragon Race

This event may not be a hard-core one involving mud like the Spartan race, but it still requires balance and strength to get through.

Americas 31 Jul 2016 | 6:59 AM

Dance and sing your heart out in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans in Louisiana is not exactly known for being a quiet place. But who needs calm when there's so much music and dancing?

Books 02 Oct 2016 | 6:56 AM

‘Ink evangelist’ Johanna Basford and her colourful journey

How the illustrator became the godmother of the adult colouring book trend.

Food News 09 Oct 2016 | 6:54 AM

Learn about the world through these cookbooks

Cookbooks are a great way to travel and know more deeply about the food and culinary culture of a country.

Movies 13 Oct 2016 | 7:00 AM

Is this guy the next Rajinikanth?

Sivakarthikeyan takes on the toughest role of his career so far. He plays a woman.

Food News 17 Oct 2016 | 6:58 AM

People use this phone app to order dumplings illegally

Californians turn to Wechat for a source of comforting Chinese homecooked food.

Food News 05 Jan 2017 | 6:52 AM

6 food trends to watch out for

Dragon Rouge group insight and innovation director Kate Waddell has seen these gaining traction, and predicts that they’ll continue.

Asia & Oceania 18 Jun 2017 | 6:17 AM

Cambodia to Thailand... and home, sweet home

Train of Thought: The last legs of the journey that brings the traveller back to Malaysia.

Asia & Oceania 13 Apr 2018 | 7:01 AM

Kathmandu reborn: How the capital of Nepal bounced back

Nepalese capital Kathmandu embraces coffee culture, hip hotels, international cuisine and 21st-century nightlife, all while maintaining its historic charm.