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Insight - Rio's Olympic air: Dirty, deadly and no cleaner legacy from Games

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Rio de Janeiro's air is dirtier and deadlier than portrayed by authorities and the Olympics' promised legacy of cleaner winds has not remotely been met, an analysis of government data and Reuters' own testing found.

The US$100 trillion bond market’s got bigger concerns

NEW YORK: In some ways, it really didn’t matter to Steven Major whether the UK voted to stay or to leave.

Weak US jobs report kills hope for rate hike

Washington: The argument for a June interest-rate hike from the Federal Reserve has evaporated.

Relic hunters told to stay away from shipwreck site

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Heritage Department has warned that it will throw the book at souvenir hunters, following reports of people digging for artefacts at the newly found site of a shipwreck in Sungai Pahang.

After you die, you can let your body benefit the Earth this way

Conventional ways we treat bodies after death is not environmentally sound. Katrina Spade, an architect has a new idea on how to let our bodies benefit the Earth after we die.

‘Decide fast on shipwreck’

PEKAN: The authorities will have to quickly decide on what to do with the shipwreck in Paloh Hinai here before the river swallows it up again at the end of the dry season.

Anchoring mistake blamed for passenger steamer accident

PETALING JAYA: Steamer SS Amherst had sailed from Singapore before it reportedly ran aground on a sandbar in Sungai Pahang on Nov 17, 1901.

Old shipwreck raises interest

PEKAN: The discovery of an old shipwreck in Sungai Pahang here can help answer the mystery behind the sinking of SS Amherst during its last voyage in 1901, says the National Heritage Department.

Timberland is feeling the blues

The fashion brand looks to the sea for inspiration in designing its latest collection.

How are we helping the Sumatran rhino suvive?

The unyielding demand for rhino horn in Chinese medicine has drastically reduced the global population to just 87.